2022 PVD FallComers

Results and photos

5k overall results

Team results:

Mixed Teams

1.) Bus Refurbishment Corps- 47 points

2.) CLCF – 127 points

3.) tie! RMHP Ramblers and Bee Reproduction Charity- 142 points

Women’s Teams

1.) Birdwatching Recreation Community- 96 points

2.) Beans Rice Cheese- 134 points

Men’s Teams

1.) Backfields Reigning Champions-18 points

2.) Banana Regulation Committee- incomplete

3.) Bike Rack Company – incomplete

Kids Mile:

1.) Christian – 6:18

2.) Andrei- 7:19

Photo album- it was a great morning to race!

Runners starting the 5k! (3 mile ish this year 🙃)
Aaron Gruen of BRC won the mens race in 14:41
We had a good battle for the win in the womens overall race – Shayna Cousineau edged out Casey Nelson for the win at 18:19
Brown Running Club showed up strong!
Our kids mile pacer was a hit 🍌
The Roger Williams Park Conservancy helped us host this year! Proceeds benefited the Conservancy and Girls On The Run RI Scholarship programs. Thanks to all our volunteers!
Kids mile winner Christian in 6:18, ahead of the banana.
Thanks as always Bob and Ann Rothenberg for helping out!
CLCF Panthers – the youngest team out there!
RMHP finishing strong!
Halloween weekend races are always fun
Thanks for racing again Sumadra!
Happy racing!

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